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Cookie Monster Party
First birthday party idea for boys and girls

"Me" loves cookies? Then give "me" a very blue Cookie Monster Party! Skip the other
characters of Sesame Street and make the other moms blue with envy by hosting a
very "Cookie Monster blue" birthday party.

Hey cookie mom-sters, you can do this party just like the professional party planners if
you stick to a Cookie Monster blue color scheme for the decorations and food. Your
little Cookie Monster will love a simple party in bright and happy shades of Cookie
Monster blue. Next year you can host a
very red Elmo party or a very yellow Big Bird
party. So start singing the blues!

Here's how to host a memorable first birthday or toddler birthday for your little Cookie
Monster in bright and happy blue:

  • Wiggle your eyes: Get creative with edible wiggle eyes, left. They're great for this
    do-it-yourself Cookie Monster plate idea:

  • Serve Cookie Monster Blue party foods: We're talking a sweets table filled blue
    velvet cupcakes decorated with wiggles eyes and a chocolate chip cookie center,
    blue cake pops, and cookie monster blue candies. Serve the birthday cake with
    blue ice cream topped and edible wiggle eyes if you dare.
  • See more Cookie Monster food ideas below.

  • Cookie Monster blue party supplies. Instead of inviting the whole Sesame Street
    gang for decorations, stick to cyan blue. Decorate with accordian party lanterns
    in bright blue over the buffet table, below you'll find Martha Stewart's collection
    to be just the right shade of blue. Or try cyan blue pom poms -- even Chinese
    lanterns in cookie monster blue. Have fun accenting blue lanterns with felt or
    paper eyes.

Cookie Monster blue party plates:
    Skip most of the licensed products for this party. You'll make a much bigger
    impact when you choose cookie monster party supplies in small doses. Easy
    enough because most of the Sesame Street party supplies include all the other
    characters. You'll have more fun creating a simple and elegant cookie monster
    party with happy shades of Cookie Monster blue plates, napkins, cups and

    Edible Wiggle Eyes: Wiggle eyes (the kinds you find at the craft stores) are a
    cute addition to the party, but they are a choking hazard. Instead, choose edible
    icing eyes, left, and "glue" them to cups with edible icing gel. You can use them
    for your cookie monster cookies and cupcakes. Try edible ink pens to dot your
    eyes on marshmallows or white fondant.

  • Stuff them with cookies until their faces turn blue. Cookies: Cookies are on the
    menu, of course. Chocolate chip cookies are a must, but see also our big batch
    cookie recipe to help you make enough sugar cookies for the party.

  • Just add food coloring:  Host a very blue cookie monster party by serving blue
    cake and blue ice cream. The adults will love coffee with blue whipped cream.
    We're loaded with Blue party food ideas.

  • Me want puppet show! Bring the cookie monster to life with a Cookie Monster
    hand puppet, pictured upper left. The puppet is a great way to welcome guests
    to the party and you can hire a puppeteer to incorporate the Cookie Monster
    into the puppet show.

Cookie monster cakes
You've heard of red velvet cakes? Why not try a blue velvet cake? Simply add a touch
of blue food coloring to the vanilla cake batter for a cookie monster blue surprise, then
use vanilla icing as a background for your blue cookie monster design. Here are more
cake and cupcake ideas for theh party.

  • Me want Cookie Monster cupcakes? Cookie monster cupcakes are easy to create.
    Essentially, you can create a cookie monster cupcake from a blue cupcake
    frosting with a sturdy chocolate chip cookie wedged into the frosting and cake
    for the mouth. Then top with big white eyes.

  • Me want a Cookie Monster cake topper? The cookie monster bobble head, left, is
    an easy cake topper.

  • Me want a Cookie Monster Cake Pan? Back in 1996 Wilton created a cookie
    monster cake pan. Search for the Wilton cake pan on eBay, but first be sure to
    get cash back for party supplies and cash in on a lifetime of savings at eBay and
    hundreds of online stores.

Cookie monster party foods
If any kids party should have a dessert table, it should be a Cookie Monster party. Milk
shooters and cookies couldn't be easier. Think cookies on a stick, cookies dipped in
chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, Cookie Crisp cereal, cookies and cream ice cream,
and sugar cookies in the likeness of the Cookie Monster himself. Be sure to see our
Batch Sugar Cookie Recipe.

  • Cookie Monster Snack Mix. Make a Cookie Monster snack mix to include Cookie
    Crisp cereal and bright blue M&Ms. Include in your mix some Kettle corn as it's
    sweet and savory. Spray some of the popcorn with Wilton's Blue Color Mist. You
    can also use the blue spray to highlight whipped topping or ice cream with a
    splash of Cookie Monster blue color.

Cookie monster party invitations
Have fun creating wording for your party using Sesame Street lingo:
  • Me want you to come to my first birthday party...
    (picture of the birthday boy or girl)
  • How to get to Sesame Street: 123 Main Street (cross street is 4th Avenue)
  • RSVP: Cookie Momster, Tiffany at 8675-309
  • This party brought to you by the Number "1" and the Letter "A"

Cookie monster party supplies
Add to your creativity with these handmade monster party supples found on ETSY:

Cookie monster party favors
  • Cookie Monster stickers
  • Cookie Monster balloons

Activities for a cookie monster party
Pin the cookie in the cookie jar anyone? Simply draw a cookie jar and have kids aim for
the top position. When the blindfold comes off you can see how they stacked against
the competition. But you've already thought of that. "

You can entertain your little cookie monsters with other simple party games and
activities and here are some ideas:

Cookie Monster activities
  • Have kids decorate a simple cookie monster puppet. Start with a blue paper bag
    and. Then use the bag to collect the pinata loot.
  • Kids can also design their very own cookie in a design a cookie coloring contest.

Cookie Monster party games

  • Whack the cookie monster pinata! Right

  • Count cookies and learn. One cookie for you, two cookies for me. Learning to
    count and recognize numbers is a treat with this colorful counting cookies game.
    Includes ten cookies with numbers 1-10 on the bottom and the corresponding
    number of counting chips on the top.

  • Guess how many cookies? Fill a jar with store bought cookies and have your
    guests write their guess on a piece of paper. At cake time, you can announce
    the winner and award a special cookie monster prize. Give them the cookies to
    take home!

Cookie Monster party favors
  • The Dover cookie monster blue stickers booklet, left.

Real Cookie Monster parties
A cookie monster party is just as much fun for girls as it is for boys, so it's an ideal
party theme choice for both genders of twins or multiples. Here are some real cookie
monster parties to give you inspiration:

Plan a Halloween Cookie Monster Party! Right, the adorable pumpkin set pushes into any
pumpkin to greet guests. It makes an excellent centerpiece. Tell us about your cookie
monster party and
share party ideas with us on Twitter.
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