Spa Birthday Party
How to set up shop for a soothing spa day party

Make her birthday SPA-cial indeed: set up shop for a spa day party for kids. Relax, you
can host a spa party at home, and save on the hotel bill with our spa party ideas. If
you have a pool, all the better, because you can throw a spa
pool party.

Here's how to throw a memorable spa themed birthday party she'll long remember:

  • Cast a relaxing spell of pink. As kids spa parties go, nothing is more important
    than pink! A pink spa day birthday cake is in order, as is pink party food, such as
    pink meringues, pink parfaits and pink lemonade. Tickle them pink. Transform
    the party space by draping pink sheets on the furniture. Set the table with pink
    peonies, and light pink candles. Everyone looks pretty in pink, so head to our
    favorite kids party supplier: Making Believe:
  • Outfit the girls in spa robes, right
  • Deluxe Spa Party Teddy Bear Favor pack. You'll get 12 sets to give party
    guests, including a lovable plush bear and an organza drawstring bag
    with mesh sponge, two hair clips, cotton puffs, toenail sponges, and a
    comb. Very Spa-cial indeed!
  • Inflatable footbath: ideal for manicure / pedicure parties, the girls will love
    to soak their feet and take home this usual favor.

  • Slip in to something more comfortable. Provide robes, a facial headband, slippers
    or flip flops, so that your spa party patrons will immediately feel welcome to
    your relaxing setting. See our flip flop party ideas. The spa party packs, right,
    will help establish a salon atmosphere for your party.

  • Pamper her like a princess! The Spa Princess Cookbook, left, reveals recipes for
    sensational spa treatments and delicious edible treats for your party.  Soak the
    birthday girl in a milk chocolate milk bath. Show the girls how to scrub their feet
    with Pink Peppermint Foot Glow, or give them a Peachy Keen Princess Smoothie
    to sip. The Spa Princess Cookbook will get you cooking on more wonderful ideas
    for a spa birthday party. It will be invaluable for homemade soaps, facials,
    lotions, sugar scrubs for your next spa-themed sleepover.

  • Send the girls on a vacation from themselves. Inhale then exfoliate: do so by
    setting a relaxing scene of ocean waves, and inhale the fragrance of essential
    oils, such as vanilla lavender. Inner Splendor Media is proud to present Music for
    Deep Meditation. Help body and mind relax with the Healing Power of Ocean
    Waves & Tibetan Singing Bowls audio, left. Accompany this soothing music with
    a simple yoga lesson.

  • Make it a girls night in! This party is ideal for a sleepover, though you may
    encounter some parental resistance, particularly if they aren't personal friends.
    Broach the topic with parents before arranging an over night party to ensure
    you can accommodate everyone on your daughter's guest list.

Spa birthday invitations
Give her the royal treatment and open your own "Ooh, La-La Day Spa" for an ultra
girlie birthday she'll remember for years to come, and here are some ideas to
accentuate the theme:

  • Appointment card invitations! Dahling you can pamper the pals with an
    appointment card invitation. A kids spa birthday will seem more real with
    business cards and you can order free business cards from VistaPrint, pictured
    left. (You pay only the shipping.) Include the cards in your scrapbook and with
    the thank yous.

  • Salon promotional invitations. Create your own labels for travel size shampoo
    with your beauty salon logo and the invitation information, and hand deliver
    them to your spa party patrons. Want mail invitations? Put your party
    information on bath salt envelopes instead.

  • The Slip-her invitation. Your spa themed sleep-over party for the girls will be
    super cute when you cut your own slipper-shaped invitation from pink
    construction paper. It's easy to add a fuzzy marabou style ribbon and accent
    with a pretty pom-pom. You can also buy the whole gang real slippers, upper
    left, stuff your invitations inside, and invite guests to bring them to the party.
    Now that's ho you slip-her an invitation!

  • Spa Day Party invitations and wording ideas:
  • It's the Grand Opening of the Ooh-la-LA Day Spa!
  • And you're invited to relax with the Birthday Girl, Maddie
  • Reservation: Saturday August 22 at noon
  • The Ooh-La-LA Day Spa is located at: 123 Main Street
  • RSVP: Confirm your appointment at 867.5309

Setting the Scene for a spa day party
The party decor is particularly pink with white for a spa day party. Fill bowls with
floating candles and flowers. For the bathrooms, you can fill the tub and decorate it
with rose petal sprinkles for your spa guests to discover. Here are more ideas for
setting the scene for a spa day party for kids:

  • Create a reception room. As party goers arrive, have each girl check in at the
    "front desk." An adult or teen can man a desk at the entrance. Decorate with a
    vase of pretty flowers, have a phone and an appointment book handy as props
    and the business cards you ordered for free. Set up chairs and a low table filled
    with teen magazines. Ask the party patron whether she has an appointment,
    then offer her a beverage choice and allow her to change into a robe behind a
    curtain or in the bathroom. The girls will feel instantly grown up and pampered
    with this special touch.

  • Decorate your American Doll. You'll find a doll sized Day at the Spa themed set on Set it out for decoration.

  • Get an "Ahh" for your spa cake! This simple spa party cake makes use of a towel
    as part of the cake design.

Spa Party Activities
The eyes have it for a spa party. Start by serving a refreshing spa drink with a pretty
parasol skewered with fresh fruit. Then pile on the veggies (cucumbers that is). Kids
will love the cool refreshing cucumber eyes. While you can take the kids for a
professional manicure or pedicure, it's so easy to give the kids a spa day at home by
hiring a manicurist to come to the party. Or do it yourself: all it takes is the proper
tools. Here are more ways to create a spa at home:

  • Make your own spa products: The kids will love making their own spa products to
    take home. Best of all, they double for party favors! Here are some popular and
    easy recipes.
  • Body Glitter: Home made body glitter is easy to make with supplies found
    at the dollar store. You'll need just three things: aloe vera gel (found in
    the summer months as a topical after sun remedy),  dry glitter and small
    plastic containers (all found in the craft section). First, allow kids to
    personalize their container. Glue tiny shells to the lid of the plastic
    container, or provide pretty, glittery stickers. Next, give every kid a pick of
    glitter colors. Have kids pour in a small amount of glitter in colors they
    choose (less than 10% of the size of the container). Follow the glitter
    with a squeeze of aloe vera gel to fill the container. Provide everyone
    with a stirrer to mix their concoction. Remind parents and kids not to put
    body glitter on the face near eyes or mouth. This is body glitter
    appropriate for hands, arms, legs or chest. Simple but kids love this one.
  • Want more ideas? Go by the book: Crafty Girl Beauty, Things to
    Make and Do by Jennifer Traig and Julianne Balmain.

  • The Wild Science Beauty Salon kit, left, includes more than 12 activities
    and experiments with bubbles and scents. Create crystal potpourri, soap
    volcanoes, sublime slime, instant fizz and much more. It's not just a fun
    beauty salon activity, but kids will learn about the structure and changes
    of properties of matter, mixtures and solutions and chemical reactions.
    Ages 10 and up.

  • Make a production of it. The Spa Factory, pictured left, features two essential oils
    and all you need for lip blends, perfume sensations and sugar body scrub for
    three girls. Plus, there's perfume gift bottles, body gift jars, and lip gloss gift jars
    so each girl can take her custom creation home. The set also includes recipe
    cards, spoon whisk, funnel, pipette, and the fold-up, party box with storage
    drawers and carrying handle.

  • Nail it with nail art. Manicure parties for girls are so easy to host. Give the girls a
    mani and a pedi. Start with the pedicure gaining inspiration from "Toe-rrifc: A
    Simple Guide To Creating Healthy And Beautiful Feet," right.  For the manicure,
    try  Klutz nail art, which includes six water-based, non-toxic, peel-off paints and
    easy instructions to paint bumblebees, berries, butterflies, bears, and even
    baseballs on fingers and toes. The peel off manicures are good for the little
    ones, but a real manicure is more fun. Right, the Nail art glitter polish set will
    give the girls just the right amount of sparkle.

  • Important safety reminders about a spa party for kids:

  • Don't be a jet setter. If your spa treatment involves a hot tub, turn off the
    jets for safety. Also, require girls to wear their hair up, do not allow
    anyone to submerge their head, and be sure to supervise the activity

  • Be foot loose and fungus free! Keep pedicure and manicure equipment
    hygienic. Don't allow girls to share nail clips, nail files and other
    equipment. Provide individual bowls for soaking. Give each girl her own
    nail polish.

  • Don't burn out. Never leave candles unattended or near curtains.

Spa party foods
After spa treatment, treat the kids to a spa lunch. Surprise the kids with more frilly
treatment. Wrap a pink boa on each chair. It provides a luxe touch (especially if you
transform the girls from their spa facial headbands to the boas).  

Wondering what to serve at your SPA-go? The SPA Princess Cookbook, left, will
provide all the inspiration you need.

Set out a variety of spa food selections to include menu items on the lighter side, and:

  • Fancy sandwiches: Cut cream cheese sandwiches with cookie cutters from
    alternating white and white bread. Add a hint of pink to the cream cheese with
    food coloring or mix with strawberry jam. Garnish the plate with cucumber slices
    to give the "cucumber eye" effect, and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries.

  • Spa snacks:
  • Freeze strawberry yogurt sticks, (this gives new life to an old kid favorite).
  • Transform Nutter Butter cookies into flip flops. See our Flip Flop party ideas.

  • Spa cake: For an easy spa cake, try angel food cake with whipped cream and

  • Spa drink ideas:
  • Wedge of lime on the glass with pink lemonade and a cherry on top.
  • Watermelon triangle in a clear glass with limeade spritzer
  • pink parfait
  • pink milk (grenadine with milk)
  • Use pretty swirly drink straws.

  • Spa Princess Fondue. Any kind of chocolate fondue will do for your spa
    princesses. For dippers, try angel food cake chunks, Madeleine cookies, pretzel
    rods, banana slices, strawberries, marshmallows and vanilla wafers.

Spa party favors
For party favors, let them keep their spa facial headbands or pink spa masks, flip flops
or slippers or if you've splurged, the robes. The pretty organza Ooh-la-La favor bag is
ideal for a spa party, stuff it with these ideas:

  • Manicure pedicure kit:  Create your own manicure pedicure kit for kids to include
    nail polish that sparkles, a pretty nail file, funny toe separators, plus travel
    lotion with your custom information on the label.

  • Pretty potions & lotions. Create your own labels for lip gloss and hand lotions.
    Include pretty soaps and bubble bath salts.

  • Duck out easily. Collect spa rubber duckies, left, three or four for each guest.

Resources for a spa party

Real Spa Day Parties for kids
Kids spa parties are so much fun to host. We've gathered some kids parties that we
hope will inspire you to host one of your own:

  • Purse themed Spa party: The best ever real spa day party for kids comes from
    WH Hostess at This elegant and relaxing affair for the girls
    included a candy bar in a colorful combination of bright yellow and  pink. In this
    luxe party, the girls enjoyed facials, manicures, and pedicures. They also made
    their own lip gloss and beaded bracelets. Lucky Birthday Girl Emma and friends
    also received sweet flip flops and matching pink robes!

Now it's your turn. We'd love to hear your spa party ideas. If you're having a
spa themed birthday party, please
share party ideas with us on Twitter.   The SPA
Princess Cookbook, left, will provide all the inspiration you need.
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