Best ideas of Thanksgiving for kids: Above left, make a paper bag turkey to stuff some
savory popcorn (idea from Martha Stewart). Next, the
pilgrim hat from a paper cup idea
from Parents would be cute to stuff crayons. Next, acorn candies have the familiar taste of
peanut butter and chocolate. And finally, the clever
tee pee cupcakes will remind kids of
giving thanks to the Native Americans.

Kids Thanksgiving Party Ideas
How to plan a school thanksgiving party or other party for kids

Whether you're a room parent hosting a thanksgiving party at school, or you want the
kids to have fun at the kiddie table at your Thanksgiving feast, you can harvest good
times by encouraging kids to play with their food! Here's how to throw a thanksgiving
party to remember:

  • Sprinkle real acorns as part of your table decor. Acorns were part of the Native
    American diet (they ate an acorn porridge for breakfast and for lunch and dinner
    they added meats and vegetables). Kids are fascinated with acorns. If you're
    lucky enough to live near an oak tree, have the kids gather them for your party.
    You can spray paint them in silver or gold to add a festive touch to your party. If
    you don't have any local pickings, buy dried acorns, above right.

Jive Turkeys
Turkey for dessert? Yes! Here are some Thanksgiving treats for kids that are both
entertaining to look at and will keep them busy for the long meal.

  • Let kids play with their food. Make an apple look like a turkey. Start with an
    apple, some toothpicks, a few mini marshmallows, candy corn or raisins, and
    your own creativity. For the head, choose a mini candy pumpkin or larger
    marshmallow. Create one in advance for a centerpiece at the kids table, then
    allow the kids to assemble their own to take home.

  • Turkey hand-print cookies. Wash your hands! Take your favorite recipe (try our
    big batch sugar cookie recipe), then use your hands trace a turkey with a knife.
    Design with icing the way you would design a hand drawn turkey and us one
    candy corn for the beak. The transformation from picture to cookie plate is what
    will impress guests with your cleverness. As a project to entertain kids, bake
    cookies using your children's hand prints ahead of time, then allow the kids to
    decorate their own creations to take home.

  • Fowl Play. Make a mini feast as a project for Thanksgiving with Wilton's cute as
    can be fondant turkey, pictured left. Top them on cupcakes or allow the kids to
    set out a Thanksgiving feast for their Barbie dolls. Fondant is a fun and edible
    activity for kids. They can use it like Play Doh.  See also Wilton's mini fondant
    yams and fondant corn for the complete look. Then create your own, such as a
    pumpkin, a cornucopia, and bread.

  • Gobble the balls. Turkey popcorn balls: Don't worry, these look like turkeys. They
    aren't flavored like turkeys! They are a yummy combination of peanut butter
    cups, butterscotch chips and a dash of cinnamon.

  • Turkey apple. This sweet treat doesn't taste like turkeys. It's just an apple with
    colored marshmallows on toothpicks. Easy and fun for kids to assemble, or you
    can create them in advance for a centerpiece at the kids table.

  • Assemble a candy turkey. Nutter Butter cookie body, fruit roll up feathers,  
    gumdrop waddle, pretzel stick legs, raisin eyes. Stick together with icing gel.

Pilgrims of Plenty:

  • Pilgrim hat Marshmallows. Here's an easy and impressive looking treat. Dab a bit
    of icing gel to your favorite round cookie and affix a marshmallow. Next, dip it in
    melted chocolate and affix a yellow jellybean for the buckle.

  • Stick it to them. Stick candy transforms into a sweet centerpiece display for the
    children's table. Martha Stewart's Pilgrim finger puppets are made of felt.

Tee Pee treats

  • Acorns of plenty. Acorns were a staple of Native American diet, so why not have
    some fun creating these adorable candy acorn made with rich combination of
    peanut butter and chocolate. Much tastier than acorns. Want an even easier
    recipe? Left, the acorn cookies from Family Fun are made from donut holes!

  • Tempt them with tee pees. Your little Indian braves and squaws will love to feast
    on these Tee Pee Treats made from an upturned ice cream cone. It takes a
    village! These Tee Pee Cupcakes are another version that are much easier, so
    constructing your village will take less time.

  • Feathered Napkins. Stick a feather on the napkin with Martha Stewart's
    Headdress napkin idea.

Mayflower fun

  • Do whatever floats your boat! Set sail for fun with Mayflower boats from Martha
    Stewart, which includes a template. Martha suggests serving nuts for kids, but
    you should never serve nuts to kids under five years old as they not only
    provide a choking hazard, but you must be cautious of possible nut allergies.
    Stick with M&Ms or your favorite snack mix recipe.

Harvest fun
Here are more cute Thanksgiving ideas for your little pumpkins:

  • Kid's Cornucopia treat: Have kids scoop up their own cornucopia. Provide a sugar
    ice cream cone and have kids fill it with colorful "0" and Chex cereals, fruit roll-
    ups, yogurt raisins, m&ms and malt balls.

  • Get corny: They'll be all ears when you tell them to eat their Indian Corn Cobs
    (an idea from Family Fun), top left. These corny cookies are also made from  fruit
    rollups for the husks, and M&Ms for the corn.

Activities for Thanksgiving Parties

  • Prepare a Thanksgiving friendship mix: Have students prepare a friendship mix.
    Give each kid an item for the mix along with a meaning that they can read
    aloud. You might mix the following items in a plastic cauldron leftover from
  • Marshmallows represent snow and the harsh Winter endured by pilgrims
    and Native Americans alike.
  • Pretzel sticks and candy corn represents the logs and fire to cook and
    warm the settlers.
  • Popcorn to represent how Native Americans showed the pilgrims how to
    plant and harvested corn. Add veggie chips
  • Dried fruit (Raisins, dried cranberries, etc.) to represent how the Native
    Americans showed the pilgrims how to dry fruit for the Winter.
  • Beef Jerky to represent the dried meats necessary to preserve for lean
  • Goldfish crackers represent fish harvested from rivers and lakes.
  • Gummy bears as reminder that pilgrims faced the threat of Grizzlies and
    other bears. You may find gummy worms to represent the hazards of  
    snakes as well.
  • More ideas:
  • Bugles might represent a cornucopia.
  • Hershey's Kiss might represent tops of acorns, and you can talk
    about how Native Americans ground acorns into meal.

  • Dance like a chicken. The chicken is pretty happy that it's not being eaten for
    Thanksgiving, and pre-school kids will be happy to perform for you. All you need
    is to download music to your MP3 on Amazon, or buy Elmo Chicken Dance, right.

Free Thanksgiving Printables

  • Be thankful for cute printables that are free! Print cut and party with this free set
    of Thanksgiving printables from Shindig Parties, pictured right. Make turkey out
    of crayons and a pine cone. Plus print these free items and more:
  • Free centerpiece sign
  • Turkey coloring pages
  • Thanksgiving napkin wraps and straw flags
  • Mayflower ship sales
  • Party circle logos to use for favors, envelopes, or take away foods!

Real Thanksgiving Parties at School
Now it's your turn. Tell us about your Thanksgiving party at school. We'd love to share
a link or your ideas on Twitter.
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