Green alien rubber duck
Dozen bendable alien figures
Green Alien Party
Host the best party in the galaxy with a alien party for kids

Greetings earthlings! Consider inviting some aliens to your next birthday bash with a
green alien party. Parents will be green with envy with your creative and unusual
party plan. And this party idea is all the better if your child is turning eight (since
under new definitions there are just eight planets in our solar system). One thing's
for sure: a green alien party will cause more speculation about what happened in
Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. It's sure to be best party in galaxy!

Want to have a close encounter of the birthday kind filled with lots of aliens? Then
turn your party into an alien convention! Do this easily with activity stations:

  • Create alien name tags for guests: Kids will enjoy learning their funny alien name
    and planet of origin at the welcome booth. Just spell kids name backwards:
    Mike becomes "Ekim" of Jupiter, Sabrina becomes "Anirbas" from Mars, and so
    on. Adults will have just as much fun. Group families from same planet or create
    new planet names. If you run out of planets (Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus,
    Moon, Earth, Uranus, and Neptune).  Just reverse the letters or mix them up
    (for example Earth becomes "Htrea" Threa," "Thera," or "Rathe"). You might
    even throw in Pluto, even though it's no longer considered a planet.

  • Provide alien convention bags. Kids can earn favors for bags by visiting booths.
    Think of it as a space party carnival! Float alien and astronaut rubber ducks,
    left, into a pond and have kids fish out their prizes by scooping them with a
    net. Set up an alien ring toss or turn kids into space cowboys shooting aliens
    with water guns. You might also demonstrate alien paddle ball, left.

  • Decorate party goers. The Alien costume, right, is clever, but all you need is
    some green makeup, and funny accessories like the green alien sunglasses or
    a green wig to convey your party theme. Give everyone alien antenna boppers
    or wrap an alien baby inflatable around kids arm -- these make memorable
    favors. Dab kids with IGlow body gel with parents permission first as some kids
    have hyper sensitive skin, and offer to paint kids fingernails green. As evening
    sets hand out the glow stick necklaces, bracelets and glasses. Here are more
    ideas on how to make green alien costumes.

  • Get gooey with an alien operation. It's squeamish and giggly fun when you invite
    kids to feel alien body parts. Start with a large inflatable alien, as pictured top
    left, and place it on a table within kids reach.  Nestle bowls of creepy
    concoctions for guests to "examine" by touch, such as peeled grapes for eyes,
    lime gelatin for alien blood, licorice ropes for alien intestines, cooked spaghetti
    noodles dyed green for alien brains, and a green water balloon heart. Finally,
    drape a plastic table sheet over the "examination area" and cut slits for each of
    the bowls. Kids  will love to examine" your alien's body parts.

  • Make alien goop. A simple mix of borax (found in the grocery store) with glue,
    water and some green food coloring will create a goop kids love to touch.
    Here's the Borax Glue Slime recipe for your alien goop. We suggest making
    your concoction outside as the food coloring may stain clothes. This activity
    requires adult supervision. This party activity is obviously not suitable for your
    party if you will have guests or siblings in attendance who are under three
    years of age. Don't risk accidental ingestion. Watch kids closely, and dispose
    immediately after use. Do not allow kids to take home a sample.  

  • Demonstrate how to make aliens. Martian matter Alien Maker, right, is a toy that
    incubates tiny alien creatures with a gel that hardens into little rubbery beings.
    Think of this toy as an alien version of Play Dough. It makes a great birthday
    present. Again, this activity is not suitable for kids under three. It's not edible.

Alien Party Favors

  • Make easy flying saucer favors. Start with two plastic silver plates for each kid.
    Lay flat a variety of small green alien favors, such as a retro squirt gun, alien
    bendable figurines and squishy ones, or the green alien parachutist, pictured
    left, or green candies. Staple the plates together at opposite sides with the
    goodies inside. Position a green alien passenger inside a short clear plastic cup
    or domed lid from a convenience store or coffee shop and glue with a clear
    drying glue on top. You can collect lids from your Starbucks Frappucino or ask
    your barista for extras. Save one lid for the alien birthday cake too! Decorate
    with button candies or other small colorful candies that you glue with icing gel
    for lights, such as Necco wafers. See more favor ideas below.

How to decorate a Green Alien party

  • Come in for a crash landing. Section off a crash scene to create your own Area
    51. For the crash site debris, use an old baby seat, vacuum pieces, a hose, and
    other finds around the house or found in a thrift store. Wrap items in aluminum
    foil or spray paint them to give a metallic appearance. Look also for UFO
    inflatable pool toys or boat tow inflates because every alien party needs a
    flying saucer. Give the scene an eerie look with dry ice or a fog machine, or a
    green flashing light, pictured right which is only effective at night. Then tape off
    the area with caution tape, or use a hula hoop to section off a smaller site. And
    be sure to post an AREA 51 door sign, left.

  • The aliens are coming! Here are more ideas for your green alien party:
  • With your invitations include a green alien balloon, right. See more green
    alien invitation ideas below.
  • Visit the out of this world talent at for alien party supplies.
    Unusual party favor ideas include homemade soaps, custom stickers and
    space alien invitations, as well as alien cupcake toppers.
  • Check out more green alien party supplies, below.

  • Use a black marker to draw alien eyes on green latex balloons. Note:
    sometimes the markers will deflate balloons. Sharpie markers work fine, but
    you may want to save yourself some time and buy the green alien balloons
    upper right.

  • Go green! Find a selection of green treats and cluster them together. Green
    M&Ms, green apple Jelly beans, green Tootsie Rolls, green licorice twists and
    more. You can also create mini edible aliens from Wilton Black Sparkle Gel on
    green Jordan almonds. See our green party foods store.

  • More ideas for a green alien party for kids:
  • Install a fog machine at the party entrance. Kids love walking through a
    fog machine.
  • Place a lava lamp at the buffet. Adults will appreciate the retro look!
  • Ask for green straws from your local Starbucks. Decorate the straws by
    affixing two round alien stickers back to back with the straw in the
  • Replace lights with green novelty light bulbs. Order green light bulbs, left.

Alien party invitation and thank you card wording ideas:
For the invitations and thank you cards, use green gel pens or glow in the dark
stickers. Alien stickers are hard to come by, but stars are easy to find online. The
whimsical alien stickers, left are out of this world. Sprinkle a bit of green glitter or star
shaped confetti inside the envelope. On the outer envelope write "take me to your

Here are some wording ideas for alien party invitations:

  • It's a close encounter of the THIRD kind: Calvin's turning three!*
  • Join us for sightings: Saturday August 22, 2009 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Area 51: 123 main street
  • (Security clearance required)
  • RSVP: Earthling Emily at 867-5309

    * Variations on invitation wording:
  • You're invited for a close encounter of the birthday kind.
  • Coming soon to a galaxy near you: Ryan's birthday.

    ** Security clearance: Be sure to provide guests with a lanyard with a security
    pass or a name badge for entrance to the party galaxy with a home made
    security clearance card.

Green Alien Party Foods:
One kids party Web site we saw actually suggested putting guacamole on a burger.
Yuck! There's a bevy of festive
green party foods that you can make and serve to
help make this a party to remember and yummy as well. Try these tasty treats

  • Green nachos. Granted it's a bit repulsive for adults, but it's wildly entertaining
    for kids if you add a hint of green to your nacho dip. Kids love nachos. Let the
    kids eat and enjoy guacamole with their chips too!

  • Alien brain gelatin. Transform your Halloween treats into an alien creation. The
    Zombie Gelatin mold, left, becomes a tasty lime alien brain. Lime Jello (call it
    Alien Slime).

  • Alien Birthday cakes and cupcakes: How fun it is to add a bit of green food
    coloring to your vanilla batter to create a tasty surprise inside your birthday
    cake. The adorable green alien cupcake idea, top comes from Wilton, as does
    the green Martian cake, left. Just click on the cakes for the full recipe

  • Create flying saucer cake plates. Decorate the rim of plastic silver plates with
    button candies to give a flying saucer appearance. The little candies look like
    glowing lights. Use Wilton Sparkle Gel as the edible glue to hold candies.  Allow
    to dry overnight as the gel takes time to dry. If you can't find classic button
    candies, try colorful M&Ms.

  • Green Alien Mocktail
  • Mint Chip ice-cream
  • Lime snow cones
  • Marshmallows (just marshmallows with a funny name). If you make home
    made marshmallows, add green food coloring to your recipe.
  • Use green Easter egg dye to color eggs green, then draw alien faces

Take me to your eaters! Here are some other food ideas from the party galaxy:
  • Flying saucer candy, left
  • Troiili Little Green Men Candy

  • Other celestial food ideas:
  • Milky way and Mars chocolate bars
  • Starburst fruit chews
  • Moon pies
  • Pop Rocks
  • Satellite wafers
Green Alien Party Favors
The other moms will be green with envy when they see how well you've planned a
very green, green-alien party with these fun favors and activities:

  • Inflatable green aliens are a must have for your party. They're available in
    several sizes and not only decorate your party, but also serve as favors for the
    kids to take home.
  • Alien Slime putty, left, available by the dozen are containers with an alien
    amoeba in putty (they measure 3" each and come in assorted colors.)
  • A Green Frisbee or flying disc makes a wonderful favor. Pair it with a little green
    martian figurine.
  • Flying Saucer Balloons, left. Blow up, let go and watch the fun! Around twelve
    bucks for 72 individually packed. You can afford to give each kid a handful of
    these for the goody bags.
  • Have party goers customize their own green alien mask.
  • Kids will love playing with Martian Matter (a toy that makes little alien beings),

Resources for a green alien party:

  • If you're setting up a green alien bar, check out the Green alien libations for
    the adults. (Please serve drinks responsibly and have a plan for designated

  • Create alien specimen jars borrowing ideas from the Mad Scientist party. There
    you'll find other eerie, gooey and frothy creations.

Real Green Alien Parties...
Does your child want an alien party? Other moms have made it happen and you can
too. Here's how to have fun with a party of kids:

  • Sew cute Alien party! This blog-her shows you how to make your own alien
    favors. If sewing is alien to you, don't worry: she includes templates to sew
    these cute alien favors from fleece. Tutorials and more are in the Alien Party
    part three. Check out the other parts and you'll find out how to get the
    matching cupcake toppers and invitations. Go ahead and do create your own

  • Movie inspired alien parties:

From green slime to glow sticks, green lava lamps and green libations, your
extraterrestrial exchange will be remembered for years to come by kids and adults
alike. But above all, think green! Green alien goo and green alien party favors that
glow will help make this a space birthday party to remember, as will the six-foot tall
green alien inflatable, right. When you go green, you'll have a Martian party that's out
of this world.

So now it's your turn! Tell us about your green alien party and
share party ideas with
us on Twitter. We love hearing about kids parties, but also like to Twitter about
themed crafts and foods.
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