Candy Corn party
How to throw a Halloween party featuring candy corn

It's not corny to throw a candy corn party for Halloween! There are so many fun ideas
to celebrate Halloween or an October birthday with candy corn no matter what the
birthday boy or girl's age. But as a Sweet Sixteen party in October, this is the sweetest
party ever. Here's how to throw a candy corn party they won't soon forget:

  • Buy candy corn in bulk. This tasty candy, made with real honey, is the perfect
    basis for a bright and happy party and you may as well buy in bulk for the party.
    The two top brands of candy corn are from Jelly Belly and Brachs. Find an sweet
    deal on candy corn shopping Amazon.

  • String them along! Armed with a large sterile needle and some fishing wire, and a
    bit of patience, you can string candy corn into a beautiful and edible garland.
    Well in advance of the party, you can also string candy corn bracelets or napkin
    ring holders.

  • Dress the birthday kid candy corn style. You'll find candy corn Halloween costumes,
    but you might also try the layered look: a white hat, an orange top and yellow
    shorts or a skirt. Look for candy corn jewelry and accessories or make your own
    gluing real candy corn to barrettes or fashioning necklaces and bracelets. Or
    personalize a peace, love and candy corn T-shirt, left.

Trick or Eat: what to serve at your candy corn party
Candy corn is addicting, but thankfully it's a fat free food. Candy corn recipe ideas are
endless and your candy corn party should entertain the use of corn, such as popcorn,
corn on the cob, corn nuts, corn bread, even a corn souffle.

Here are some other ideas to serve up the candy corn fun for the party:
  • Candy corn cake and cupcake ideas: It's easy enough to top your cupcake or line
    the cake with candy corn, but the sweet candy corn cupcake toppers, left will
    help you emphasize your candy corn theme. Use them for cupcakes or
    appetizers. You might otherwise frost individual cake triangles to look like candy
    corn. See this candy corn cake wedge recipe idea from

  • Candy corn drinks: Freeze ice cube trays with yellow Vitamin water or Gatorade.
    Crush your cubes in a blender and divvy up the mixture in clear plastic or acrylic
    cups and freeze. Repeat the process with an orange colored drink. Top with Cool
    Whip or real whipped cream.

  • Candy corn ice cream: Layer clear cups with lemon ice cream, orange sherbet,
    and lastly with coconut sorbet.

  • Candy corn pudding: Prepare three different pudding mixes (banana, butterscotch
    and vanilla). Add yellow food coloring to the batch of banana pudding, and
    orange to the butterscotch pudding, then layer the three flavors into clear cups
    and serve.

  • Candy corn party mix: For a sweet and savory snack, mix popcorn with candy
    corn, pretzels, corn nuts, and orange colored M&Ms. Alternatively, try mixing
    candy corn simply with mixed nuts and candy coated nuts such as almond or
    peanut M&Ms.

  • More candy corn treat ideas:

And finally, if you dare,
make your own candy corn to truly impress the guests! It all
adds up to a recipe for party succes.

More decoration ideas for a candy corn Halloween party or birthday:

  • Glue candy corn on a floral wreath and hang on the door to welcome party goers

  • Layer the table in a festive display of candy corn colors. Choose a lemon yellow
    tablecloth (layer it with yellow or orange tulle). Add the orange plates, yellow
    utensils and white napkins. Cut orange or yellow felt squares into coasters for
    drinks. Sprinkle candy corn like confetti on the tables. Next, fill a clear vase with
    candy corn for the centerpiece, then insert bright yellow or orange artificial floral
    arrangement, or spray paint branches white and glue candy corn to the sprigs.

  • More candy corn decoration ideas: features handmade candy corn
    merchandise from a variety of artisans. We found candy corn candles and soaps,
    as well as candy corn banners, favor tags and invitations.

  • For Thanksgiving, make a candy corn-icopia.

Candy corn games and activities
It's all fun and games at your party when you start a candy corn puzzle, right, and let
your guests try to finish it. Here are some other ideas for your candy corn party:

  • Count the candy corn. Almost obligatory for a candy corn party, have contest of
    counting the candy corn in the jar with the jar as the prize.

  • Play games using candy corn for the pieces - Bingo, Tic Tac Toe, you name it! Use
    any Bingo set and use candy corn for the pieces. To play candy corn tic tac toe,
    you'll need opposing colors of candy corn. Thankfully, candy corn comes in an
    array of colors. You might even inspire a game of checkers or Mancala using
    candy corn. And a classic game is to have a candy corn toss: form short drinking
    glasses into a triangle and see how many pieces make their way into the glass.

  • "I-vant to take your picture": Have guests pose for a picture using candy corn as
    vampire fangs. This silly picture will preserve memories of your special day and
    you can use the images for the thank you cards.

Corny candy corn party supplies
Who knew there would be such an array of candy corn novelty candy to surprise
guests with favors and treats. Seasonally, you may be able to find Candy Corn Dots,
right, candy corn flavored gum drops from Tootsie, Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses, also
left, or candy corn taffy below.  While these novelties and candy corn party supplies
are in short supply at the local stores, you can always shop online for candy corn
plates, candles and decorations for your party:
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