Freaky Halloween Food
Wickedly easy ideas party food ideas

Want some quick ideas for Halloween fun with food? You don't need to be a mad
scientist in the kitchen. These easy ideas have already been tested:

Funny and freaky party food ideas

Lunch or Dinner
  • Mummified hot dogs: This is a recipe so easy that even a mummy who doesn't
    cook can make it. Wrap Pillsbury crescent dough around your favorite hot dog
    and bake. Make them with mini frankfurters for appetizers. They'll be the first
    off the plates.

  • Ooh-ga Burgers. Add flair to hamburgers or sliders, cut the cheese for your
    burgers into spooky shapes using cookie cutters. Use Monterey Jack cheese for
    the ghosts and Wisconsin cheddar for pumpkin shapes. Serve


  • Freaky fingers: Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and add a drop of green
    food coloring to the batter. Roll flat and use your finger as template to cut the
    cookies. Add a few line with a knife for the joints and a slivered almond for the
    finger nail. Slip on a Popsicle stick and bake.

  • Appetizers from the Gloved one: Wash a latex glove inside and out, then fill it
    with water and freeze with a spider ring on a finger. Place it in a bowl with
    olives so that the freaky white hand pops up. Decorate the finger tips with
    olives and serve. (The ice keeps the olives at the perfect temperature.)


  • Two heads are better than one!  Get two easy looks from one cake pan. The skull
    cake pan, left will help you make a skull pound cake quickly with a dust of
    powdered sugar. Or add some fondant to quickly create a mummy head. What
    can you create with the skull cake pan? A pirate? A Frankenstein head, dracula?
    Beautiful! It all starts wiht good bone structure and this pan has it all.

  • Eyes Cream! Serve your favorite ice cream decorated with two gummy eyeballs
    popping out. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Eyes-cream! Add red icing
    gel for an extra ghoulish touch.

  • Spider cookie: Quick and easy, split a chocolate sandwich type cookie to expose
    the white filling. Snip four licorice laces for legs and sandwich together again
    with a dab of icing gel as "glue". Two dabs of icing gel complete the eyes.

  • Trick or treats: Popcorn balls or rice cereal treats are made sweeter when you
    "trick" your treats with these fun ideas:
  • Add candy corn and matching candy sprinkles to your favorite rice cereal
    treats. See our other Candy Corn party ideas.
  • Mix orange KoolAid with the marshmallows using your favorite rice cereal
    treat recipe.

  • More spooky snacks:
  • Transform snack cakes into spiders with black licorice laces and M&Ms.
  • Ghost droppings. Mini marshmallows in a jar.

Creepy non-alcoholic drink ideas

  • Ghoul-aid. Mix grape and orange drink mix with Gingerale and ice instead of just
    water and you'll get a freaky black punch.

  • Halloween float: Make a frothy concoction of vanilla ice cream and orange soda.
    Tastes like an orange creamsicle (50-50 bar). Snip a black licorice twist into a
    straw for a festive touch.

  • Eyeball-tinis. Drip red icing gel into a glass (most effective is a martini glass).
    Spear two gummy eyeballs to a skewer and serve. Pour chilled Gatorade into
    the glass and serve.

  • Draculas bloodworm mocktail.  Freeze ice cubes with a drop of red food coloring.
    Freeze a few with a gummy worm sticking out. Drip red icing gel on the inside of
    a martini glass. Pour lemon-lime soda over and watch the food coloring
    dissipate into an eerie concoction.

Resources for more Halloween food ideas:

  • Family Fun shares the cheesy appetizer idea, left, along with other finger foods
    for your Halloween party.

  • Witch dessert will you choose? has a wickedly cute witch ice cream
    cone that uses a cone as the witch's hat. Marshmallow pops are also super
    easy. Meringue powder, if you can find it, makes a frothy slime punch.

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