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Kids birthday party planning and recipe ideas

You're looking for quick and easy appetizers and recipes. Kids want tasty snacks. We
hope to wet your appetite with these fun and simple party ideas...

Lunch Menu
Kids party planning doesn't have to be difficult, and while the kids will love a pizza
delivery, you can provide party foods that are just a little different. Here are some
recipes and ideas to get you started:

  • Carnival style foods: Carnival style foods are a fun treat. Corn dogs, hot dogs
    and hamburgers are always popular with kids and don't require recipes at all.
    Other carnivals style favorites include nachos or fried chicken, a down home
    favorite. Wash it all down with a country style lemonade and have plenty of
    popcorn and snow cones on hand to round out a country theme party.

  • Chicken fingers: Popular with young kids, serve chicken fingers with an array of
    dipping sauces, including a sweet honey mustard sauce, ranch dressing,
    barbecue sauce, and, of course, ketchup. It's easy to make your own chicken
    tenders! Instead of using breadcrumbs in your favorite recipe, try crushing a
    cornflake cereal. That's how to give a kid friendly upgrade to a favorite party

Easy snacks for kids

  • Pretzels: Dipped pretzels are especially fun for kids, even for kids who don't
    ordinarily eat pretzels. That's because kids just can't resist the mix of a colorful
    candy coated creation with the yummy crunch. Not only are there interesting
    and theme appropriate pretzel molds, but you can also experiment with
    different sprinkles in your party theme or colors.

  • Smoothies! You an make simple and healthy smoothies with yogurt, frozen
    strawberries (or other frozen fruits), a dash of honey, and a bit of apple juice to
    water down the texture. Test your creations before serving them at your party.

  • Party snack mixes: Just mix sweet and savory kid friendly snacks (your favorite
    little crackers, popcorn, Kettle Korn, pretzel shapes, Asian crackers, cereals,
    gummies, yogurt coated raisins, fruit snacks, and M&Ms in a blend of your own
    party creation). It's easy to mix snacks in your party theme and colors too. For
    example, you can start with fish crackers, Kettle Korn and pretzel rods for the
    savory, then add Swedish fish and gummy worms to a fish themed party: add
    red M&Ms to match the Swedish Fish.

Kids party finger foods
  • Crunchy bread sticks and cheese straws
  • Crackers in fun shapes abound from goldfish to butterflies and teddy bears
  • Cheese sticks and round crackers
  • Quartered sandwiches in cupcake papers
  • Toasted pita pockets with hummus dip and a yogurt cucumber dip
  • Corn on the cob (cut in half for little fingers)
  • candied apples

Our favorite food parties:

Our favorite party food recipes:

Foods at pool parties for kids:
Menu planning for a pool party for kids couldn't be easier. At the top of your list of
party foods: watermelon slices! It's healthy and refreshing. Just be sure to get
seedless watermelons. You can also make a fruit rainbow display for your guests to
nibble on. Or choose small plastic drink stirrer straws to skewer up fruit kabobs.

Here are some other foods at pool parties that kids will love:
  • Make a party mix: Start with goldfish because they get along swimmingly at a
    pool party. Next, choose gummy candies in party themes (sharks for example for
    a beach themed party). Sprinkle in pretzels and Pirate Booty and you're halfway
    there. Anything goes in your sweet and savory mix, including yogurt covered
    pretzels and raisins,
  • Gelatin dessert fun: Jello gelatin is another menu item kids will appreciate for a
    pool party and which also helps with hydration. But don't just serve regular
    gelatin dessert: choose a blue base and sprinkle in gummy fish.
  • Float around with different sodas. Rootbeer floats are popular, but your kids will
    really remember your party if you make orange soda floats, Dr. Pepper floats, or
    Jones Soda blue floats.

Themed party food, drink and snack ideas:
Food serving containers add to the fun of your party theme, and here are some ideas
to get you started:

  • Boys bug themed parties: Bug themed foods are easy enough. There are gummy
    worms to help you add creativity.

  • Halloween parties: Complement your Halloween party foods by serving up
    utensils in a small coffin shaped box. You can paint a small wooden box you find
    at the craft stores. Another fun idea is serving a party mix in a witches' cauldron.

  • Pony parties: Surround your Pony party cakes in a paddock or corral. You can
    create a serving tray yourself by gluing Popsicle sticks to a small box. Another
    presentation is to use the wooden fence you might already have from a toy.

More fun with party foods

Foods in party color themes:
Using color for your party in the decorations and food will go a long way to making
your party look more like you've hired professional party planning people. Have fun
with food coloring and candies by sticking to a color theme for your party foods.

Have some kids menu ideas? Tell us about your party or blog and share party ideas with
us on Twitter. We love to link to quality party planning Web sites.
Kids Party Ideas
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